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Wondering which pics will score big with auds at the B.O.? Or what the crix say about the new net skeds? Variety has the answers, but if you can't make sense of the lingo, you may not be ready for the movie industry's essential rag. Founded in 1905, Variety speaks as the insider voice of the entertainment biz. It offers movie, television, and theater reviews, but places more emphasis on predictions, trends, and insider scoop. The tone is "movers and shakers only, please!" Heck, the headline writers are so on-the-go they only have time for abbreviations: "Bull Market for Syndies," "Saggy Sudsers Go After Younger Aud," and "B'Casters Set Skeds to Fight Digital Rivals." Critics are "crix," a movie is always a "pic," the box office is the "B.O.," and "H'Wood" is, well, if you have to ask.... If you're looking for the latest celebrity gossip, you're out of luck. But if you're seeking cutting-edge news from the heart of Tinseltown, this is your mag.

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