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The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound

By David Lewis Yewdall

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"Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound" embraces the subject of sound for films. Based on the experience of the author and other top sound craftspeople, this book provides numerous real-life examples and relevant technical data. It also is firmly grounded in practical techniques and it will show you an appreciation of all the processes involved in creating motion picture sound, from how to achieve great sound despite a small budget and less-than-perfect recording conditions to steps you will need to take to create an artful audio experience. This edition is completely revised and expanded, and the most popular sound editing systems, Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro, are covered in-depth.The accompanying new DVD presents demonstration material as well as a large library of sound effects, while numerous charts, illustrations, and photographs help to demonstrate techniques and common industry practices. Among other topics, "Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, Third Edition" includes: preproduction planning; production tips; sound design; sound editing; ADR and looping; using Pro Tools; using Nagras analog and digital systems; custom recording sound effects.

The accompanying DVD includes an ADR/Looping practice session, video interview with Ray Harryhausen, and more than 1000 photos and charts with audio clips. It is written by an experienced craftsman and professor who brings his experience in the movie biz as well as in front of the classroom to life. It gives a complete overview of film sound, including motion picture protocol, budgeting info, and technical information about recording.

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