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The A to Z Guide to Film Terms

By Tim Moshansky

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If you're a new filmmaker or simply an interested movie buff, the variety and obscurity of terminology can be difficult to follow at first. From knowing your gaffers from your grips through to knowing why a digital intermediate might be necessary for your film, having a full grasp of industry lingo is essential.

Although there are various guides floating around the place, Tim Moshansky's aptly named "The A-Z Guide to Film Terms" stands tall above these, both for its comprehensiveness and for the fact it is more than just a dictionary – it has numerous real life examples, written from a true insider’s perspective. And it's pocket-friendly size means that new and not-so-new filmmakers can keep it handy for a sneak peak on set when the need arises. Now in its 4th edition, "The A-Z Guide to Film Terms" is a must own book for any serious filmmaker.

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