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Audio Postproduction for Digital Video

By Jay Rose

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Make your soundtracks as good as your pictures with this compendium of professional audio techniques that can be adapted to desktop post. Specializing in sound after the shoot, this book features many practical examples, cookbook recipes, and tutorials. Audio theory, when necessary, is presented in plain English with plenty of visual analogies.

FAQs, full explanations, and from-the-trenches tips address the complete range of processes from wiring and hardware to testing the final mix. The one-hour audio CD features platform-independent diagnostics, demonstrations, and tutorial tracks. Novices will learn how to improve their soundtrack-even after the actors have gone home. Experienced producers will learn how to solve technical and creative problems quickly.

You get recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to: · build an efficient and reliable audio post setup · plan and budget a good soundtrack · get sound into your NLE without losing quality or sync · edit voices and music (totally different techniques) · record Foley and ADR · find music and use it effectively · find or create you own sound effects · shape sounds with equalization, reverb, noise reduction, and more · produce the final mix · test the final product for various media.

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