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Producing Great Sound for Digital Video

By Jay Rose

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Producing Great Sound for Digital Video educates beginning and experienced filmmakers on the intricacies of creating an outstanding soundtrack, from pre-production planning through the final mix.
The entire book is fascinating and is packed with useful information and tips. The book presents solutions to show-stopping problems that, because of lack of experience, a filmmaker wouldn't realise until getting to the editing room. Other critical issues such as pre-production planning, the art of production and recording (including environmental factors and microphone setups), and post-production editing and effects are also discussed.

The advent of low-cost, high-quality video production equipment has ushered in the birth of AV producers and AV presenters who have grand intentions but negligible experience. Digital cameras, inexpensive computers capable of capturing and playing back high-quality digital video, and full-featured editing software offer all kinds of ways to create visual eye candy, but embryonic filmmakers don't always realise that the picture is only half the story. Producing Great Sound for Digital Video explains how the other half works, what to watch out for, and how to achieve professional results.

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