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3D Storyboarding and Pre-Viz Made Easy

By Helen Ablett  |  03-Jan-2008

Antics Technologies has today released a free version of its real-time animation software enabling film enthusiasts and students to quickly and easily bring their script ideas to life.

Antics is already widely used in the entertainment industry, from helping plan adverts to being a pre-visualisation tool for major productions like the Chronicles of Narnia.

With a fan base including Jim Rygiel, Oscar-winning VFX supervisor on The Lord of the Rings, Antics is not only rapidly changing the face of pre-viz, it is also making it possible for creatives with no animation experience to create 3D animated films and shorts. By creating a free version of its software, Antics is providing film enthusiasts with the tools to create short films, and share their creations with an online audience. Using straight-forward techniques like 'drag and drop' and a simple user interface, anyone with an interest in film-making can now bring their ideas to life in real-time.

Alastair Woolley, Managing Director of Antics Technologies explains: "With this latest version, we're providing a powerful animated 3D visualisation tool that anyone can access. It's like having a multi-million pound studio on your laptop. You can watch the action from a number of different camera angles and can easily switch between camera shots to bring things to life and express emotion.

"We've also taken the hard work and complicated calculations out of animation by using intelligent props that characters can easily interact with through a simple 'point and click' action that makes your character move from A to B in a single command."

Once Antics V3 has been downloaded, users can access the Antics online content library, which contains a variety of free characters, props and sets ranging from Wild West scenes to a modern city landscape. In addition, users can buy extra content for their scenes and import freely available content from the web.

Users will also have an opportunity to share content and help develop Antics content packs through a new user forum. The forum, at, has been created as a medium for creatives to share how they are using Antics, swap animation tips and showcase their film clips.

Antics V3 is available for free download at:

About Antics Technologies
Antics Technologies provides revolutionary software that unlocks the capability of 3D animation for home and business users by allowing them to communicate concepts, convey information and produce great entertainment. Antics has combined the power of real-time games technology with the flexibility of high-end animation tools to create an inexpensive and easy to use complete animation tool. Antics is not only a standalone software offering users all of the necessary tools to create 3D animated productions, from set construction to real-time render, but also seamlessly integrates into existing workflows with its multiple 3rd party file support and output options. Antics was founded in the UK in 2001 and has offices in Cambridge, UK and Los Angeles, USA.


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