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COMPETITION: Win a scholarship to Budapest Film Academy

By Janka Gyapai  |  15-May-2014

If you fancy a filmmaking sabbatical to Hungary for autumn 2014 then the scholarship competition at Budapest Film Academy is definitely for you. Submissions are currently being accepted for scholarships in screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, editing and sound recording courses.

Budapest Film Academy (BFA) and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have joined forces and launched an English and Hungarian language film academy in Budapest offering practical film studies to students who would like to become industry professionals.

The academy's faculty is made up of leading figures and award winners from across the film industry. The classes are held at the centrally located ELTE-BTK campus, the practical training takes place at various professional Hungarian filmmaking facilities.

Courses are available to all young filmmakers even if they are currently not attending an institution of higher education.

As part of the competition you’ll have to send us one of your previous works that showcases your talent. The submitted material will depend on the course you are applying for:

Screenwriting – a screenplay, or part of a script (max. 10 pages) written by the applicant.
Directing – a short film or a sequence of a film directed by the applicant.
Producing – a short film produced by the applicant.
Editing and sound recording - a short film edited by the applicant, or where the applicant was the sound engineer.
Cinematography - a short film in which the applicant was the cinematographer.

All submitted short (non-documentary) films, or sequence from a film can’t be longer than 15 minutes and they have to be uploaded on YouTube, or Vimeo. Films can be uploaded as non-listed as well.

Submission deadline: The evaluation of applications is continuous.
Send your application to the email address.
More information:

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