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Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

By Beth Feather  |  08-Oct-2012

Known as the Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM) until 2004, this independent film festival has gone through years of change and development. Forty years of change that is, as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema as it is called today.

Developments such as embracing innovative new media have never created a hindrance to remaining true to the overall goal established back in 1971 by Claude Chamberlan and Dimitri Eipides. Festival du Nouveau Cin�ma will always strive to harvest bold ideas while supporting and spotlighting major works, serving as a springboard for their originality and variety.

This year, the Festival's director, Nicolas Girard Deltruc, and director of programming and co-founder, Claude Chamberlan, will showcase works from top filmmakers and the fearless visionaries of tomorrow. They have lined up close to 300 films to be screened from October 10th-21st. Montreal�s theaters, cinemas, hotels, museums and other venues in the heart the Quartier des Spectacles will host the screenings, parties and festival events.

Starting October 6th you can purchase tickets for the Festival over the phone, on the Internet, or in Montreal at the box office. Tickets vary depending on how many screenings and which screenings you wish to attend, so check the detailed site.

Planning the trip: Traveling to Montreal for the event? The Festival du Nouveau Cinema makes it easy to navigate the city by providing links to restaurants, public transportation options and suggested activities for the moments when you are not sitting in a dark theater enjoying a film. For hotel reservations, we recommend using or, if you are on a tighter budget,

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