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Flixfling Introduces Indiefling Channel for Independent Filmmakers

By Taryn Porrazza  |  29-Sep-2011

Streaming movie service FlixFling introduces a new channel on its site dedicated to films submitted by independent filmmakers. The channel, dubbed IndieFling, will showcase these films and make them available for rental or purchase by any FlixFling user.

IndieFling will serve as a showcase for independent films and will be open to any filmmaker who wishes to submit their work. All genres and categories will be accepted as long as the film is at least 60 minutes in length. Currently, FlixFling is not planning to accept shorts.

FlixFling will license IndieFling films for a one-year period and will share proceeds from rentals and purchases with the filmmaker. Upon submission, filmmakers can select a price point for their film’s rental and purchase on FlixFling. FlixFling plans to actively promote the IndieFling channel to it's growing community of film lovers.

"We're excited to support the independent film community with IndieFling," says FlixFling CEO, Thomas Ashley. "As it becomes more difficult to independently distribute a film, it's great to provide a venue for filmmakers to showcase their work."

In order to have a film featured on IndieFling, filmmakers must first submit a physical copy of their film to FlixFling for review along with the completed submission packet found at FlixFling will charge a small fee for film submissions to cover the cost of reviewing and uploading the film and data to IndieFling. Films submitted to IndieFling will not be judged by FlixFling to appear on IndieFling, only reviewed for violations to the guidelines presented in the official terms. Filmmakers will be informed once their film is accepted to IndieFling. Accepted films will be uploaded to IndieFling and filmmakers will be informed as soon as their film is made live.

For more information on IndieFling and the submission process, please visit and click “IndieFling Info” or email

About FlixFling:

FlixFling is an online film and television streaming service based out of Philadelphia, PA. FlixFling is a fully integrated service that allows users to stream titles and “fling” them from device to device - making content from FlixFling easy to access anytime, anywhere. Supported devices/applications include: Roku Player, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android and Facebook.

FlixFling offers both subscription and pay-as-you-go options for users and features an ever-expanding library of titles. FlixFling also features some exclusive titles available only on FlixFling such as the controversial 2010 movie, A SERBIAN FILM.

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