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Experience the Magic of the Chicago International Film Festival This Year

By Michelle Medlock  |  26-Jul-2010

Chicago is known as the Windy City, the proud home of the Cubbies and the White Sox, and the celebrated location of the annual Chicago International Film Festival. In its 46th year, the Chicago International Film Festival has enjoyed a long and fruitful life in the heart of Chicago, thrilling local folks, Hollywood celebrities and film enthusiasts from across the world. Held every October at AMC River East 21, 322 E. Illinois Street, this event is one you won't want to miss.

Well-known Film Critic Roger Ebert once said, "The Chicago International Film Festival has spent its lifetime being a lifeline for new directors, films, and national cinemas." Truer words were never spoken. The Chicago International Film Festival is proud to have shown the first feature films directed by world-famous creative minds Martin Scorsese, Peter Weir, Mike Leigh, Gregory Nava, Bertrand Tavernier, Jan Troell, Joe Swanberg and Rainer Werner Fassbinder to name a few.

Every year since 1964, the festival has been showcasing the best directors, the newest visionaries and the freshest, most intriguing cinematic stories. That's why people flock to this festival. In addition, Festival attendees are treated to a wide range of films and genres from more than 40 different countries. From previewing this year's hottest films at the exclusive Cinema/Chicago Member screenings to enjoying rare gems that can only be viewed in Chicago during the Festival, you’re in for an intensely pleasurable viewing experience if you go.

Word to the wise: it's best to purchase your tickets in advance to avoid sold-out screenings and terribly long lines at the theater. Festival Box Offices usually open as early as mid-September, so buy your tickets early and plan well. It's also recommended that you look through this year's schedule and select the films that best suit your tastes, as well as choose those films that will challenge you and increase your understanding of the world around you. Whatever you do, enjoy your time at the Chicago International Film Festival and experience the same magic that thousands of movie lovers have been experiencing for the past four decades.

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