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Have a Sync: the new tool for music licensing

By Silvia Siano  |  03-Jun-2010

Have a sync ( is the new tool for music licensing, designed and managed by Bixio Publishing Group. It allows directors, advertising agencies, music consultants to find the perfect music for films, documentaries, commercials, TV series and other audiovisual productions. The research is intuitive, fast and efficient, thanks to the innovative Sync Cloud system. All the tracks on Have a Sync are available in full-track streaming. For most of the tracks, the licenses can be purchased directly online for both publishing and master rights.

Music supervisors can find the tracks that best fit their project by selecting the genre, the mood, the style, the instrumentation. With the cloudsearch system, it i salso possible to combine all the parameters. The search results are always reliable, thanks to the experience of Bixio Publishing Group, acknowledged reality in the field of soundtracks.

Have a sync catalogue includes all music belonging to Bixio Publishing Group: tracks by great Italian and International composers such as Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli, Nino Rota, Nicola Piovani, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani, CA Bixio, Bixio / Frizzi / Tempera, Augusto Martelli, The Goblin, Keith Emerson, Brian Eno etc. Over 4000 songs ranging from traditional Italian song to rap, from jazz to lounge, from progressive rock to trip hop.

Each registered user is equipped with a personal page that includes a playlist, to save the favourite songs before making a decision about what to license. Moreover, once acquired the rights online, it is always possible to access to the contract and to the audio file (available both in MP3 and high quality).

The service is running a special offer through to the end of the year. All pre-cleared tracks will be available at half price until December 31 2010.

Visit for more information.

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