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About Us

Background and history for the 29 years of was founded in 1994 by Benjamin Craig as the official site for the "R.A.M.P FAQ", a collection of answers to frequently asked questions found on the main Usenet newsgroup for filmmakers, rec.arts.movies.production (view on Google Groups).

As the popularity of the Internet grew, new Usenet groups devoted to filmmaking begun to spring up, including alt.movies.independent and The R.A.M.P FAQ was expanded to cover these new forums and renamed the "Internet Filmmaker's FAQ". By 1997 the web had secured its place as the dominant platform for sharing information on the Internet. To keep in step with this evolution, the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ moved to being a web-based resource, forming the central content feature in a broader site targeted and new and independent filmmakers -

Today is one of the top sites for new and independent filmmakers on the web. In addition to the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ, offers visitors a host of other features including:

  • access to articles on filmmaking from a variety of sources
  • filmmaking software downloads (shareware and commercial demos)
  • a book store containing a broad range of filmmaking books, reviewed by
  • a thriving group of discussion forums
  • the most comprehensive databases of film schools online
  • events database of local and global events for filmmakers

Over its 29-year history, has received numerous awards and is consistently rated amongst the top filmmaking web sites by major search engines and portals. Variety called the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ "... one of the most comprehensive databases of knowledge on filmmaking available anywhere" and Moviemaker Magazine included it in it's 50 Best Websites for Moviemakers 2009. is published out of London, UK by Cinemagine® Digital. The service aimed at providing information and resources to new and independent filmmakers, and to foster community spirt between those who share a passion for moviemaking across distance and national boundaries.

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