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Secrets to Film Distribution Success

By Jerome Courshon, posted 28 February 2012

Ask independent film producers and directors what causes them the most angst, confusion, headaches-or worse-in the filmmaking journey, and the answer likely will be: Distribution.

Becoming The Entrepreneurial Filmmaker

By Joel Valle, posted 16 February 2012

Recently the website posted the"20 Most Useless Degrees" report. Right in the number twelfth position is Theater; which includes acting, producing, directing and communications. This number is based on the 2012 job outlook study done by the National Association of Collages and Employers which was cross referenced with the job growth and coursework information for the 2008-2018 report by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Negotiating The Holdback: What's At Stake

By Jonathan Gardner, posted 27 December 2011

One of the most difficult negotiation points today for independent film producers in their domestic distribution deal is the hold-back of the release of the picture in the foreign territories. This one point by itself can bring the producer grief from almost every side, from his foreign sales agent to his own investors.

Technology and Film Editing

By Kristen Brophy, posted 14 November 2011

As a film and tech enthusiast, I was curious about how the industry is changing with the enormous influx of new technology.

'The Hobbit', Shooting with 48(!) RED Cameras... at 48fps

By Benjamin Craig, posted 9 November 2011

Peter Jackson has released the fourth instalment of his Production Diaries from the set of 'The Hobbit'. In this edition, Peter discusses the approach to shooting the film in 3D using no less than 48 individual RED Epic cameras, and shooting at 48 frames per second.

The New New Thing...

By Jonathan Gardner, posted 3 November 2011

What's the NEW new thing in independent film? That's the question the forward looking early adapters in Hollywood ask every day. In a hyper-competitive town, everyone wants to be on the leading edge. As a lawyer, our job is often to try and realize the aspirations of our innovative clients while conforming to federal and state law. It isn't easy.

Creative Minds Cannes Internships

By Benjamin Craig, posted 27 October 2011

If you're a filmmaking looking to get firsthand experience of how the international film industry works, then the Creative Minds Cannes Internship program may be right up your alley. In time-honoured tradition you'll be thrown in the deep end at the world's biggest film market (oh, and film festival), but unlike most other filmmakers, you'll also have the support of an organisation which has successfully run this internship program since 2007.

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