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How to be a Filmmaker

By Benjamin Craig, posted 7 April 2015

Ok, so it's 'branded content' for Kessler Cranes, but garnered a few laughs here as it isn't actually far off the mark.

Understanding Speedboosters

By Jon Kline, posted 19 February 2015

Every few years, there is a big shift in the way we create video on low-budget shoots. Ground glass adapters, DSLR filmmaking, firmware hacks, these are all things that had a huge impact on the way we shoot and how the footage looks. The latest major innovation in small-camera filmmaking is the speedbooster. Speedboosters can make your lens faster, sharper, and wider, and reduce your depth of field, all with minimal tradeoffs. To use one effectively, you need to understand a bit of how it works.

Becoming a Full-Time Filmmaker: When to Quit Your Day Job.

By Mark Boucher, posted 19 December 2014

Jumping on your first set can be so romancing, especially a feature film set. For 20 or so days, you feel like you've discovered your place in life. You learn a brand new language, get into a nice groove, and really build relationships with most of the crew.

The Man Behind the Voice - Getting the Most from ADR

By Tristan Rose, posted 12 December 2014

The best compliment I can receive for my ADR work is when no one notices it, and, if it's really good, it will never be talked about. Simply put, ADR is the re-recording of dialogue in TV, film or advertising and I have had the privilege of working with incredibly talented and high profile actors and directors on a wide-range of film and critically acclaimed TV series.

Why a Director Shouldn't Edit Their Own Film

By Dan Selakovich, posted 4 December 2014

I was asked why a director shouldn't edit his/her own films today... again. I get a lot of blow-back from my usual answer, but I'm steadfast in my belief that a director should never edit their own film. I know; never is a strong word. And there are exceptions, and those outliers are part and parcel for the argument for editing your own work. But all of us can't be the Cohen brothers - I'm certainly not.

Why You Shouldn't Use Shaky-Cam

By Dan Selakovich, posted 3 December 2014

If you haven't read my article on why you shouldn't edit your own film, read that first.

The Sound of Interstellar

By Benjamin Craig, posted 21 November 2014

The awesome chaps over at Soundworks Collection have another great sound design interview, this time with Richard King, the Supervising Sound Editor on Christopher's Nolan's scifi epic, Interstellar.

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