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So You Want To Break into Comedy Writing?

By Frank Pasquine, posted 29 May 2012

Looking around the landscape of professional comedy writers, one will find that a major breeding ground is The Harvard Lampoon. Writers like Conan O'Brien and B.J. Novak got their start from the prestigious university paper, and the hooks up coming out of their tight circle are extraordinary. But, before you get discouraged, know there are many other avenues to success.

SeeFlik Offers Biannual Filmmaking Competition... With Cash Prizes!

By Benjamin Craig, posted 4 May 2012

In recent times there certainly hasn't been any shortage of filmmaking competitions with cash prizes. However this has largely been driven by marketing agencies and their big brand clients, who realised a while back that there's a huge talent pool out there hungry for exposure. And the fact that it comes dirty cheap... well that's a bonus really.

The Shaky Cam Trend

By Zack Mandell, posted 20 April 2012

There is probably no more reviled filming technique than the "shaky cam", or the vomit cam as it is derisively referred to by those that it sends running from the movie theaters with hands pressed over mouth. The fact is that shaky cam is a valid filming technique, but one that should be used in moderation. This article discusses the history of the shaky cam technique, and examples of its use and misuse.

Greeting Cards for Movie People

By Benjamin Craig, posted 17 April 2012

For when a regular greeting card just isn't right, Joan Philo has created a range of cards with filmmaking themes to allow you to congratulate everyone on your team.

How Long Should Your Short Be?

By Benjamin Craig, posted 14 March 2012

How long should your short be? An interesting question. Obviously this is determined to a large degree by the story you are trying to tell, and the way in which you want to tell it. But if you are hoping to also have your film reach the widest possible audience, the length of your film should also be set with the restrictions and realities of the potential outlets in mind.

Editing Dialogue Tutorial: How to Edit a Dialogue Scene

By Ruan Lotter, posted 2 March 2012

Ruan Lotter runs a YouTube channel called Tunnelviziontv which contains a number of interesting tutorials, product tests, and other stuff of interest to indie filmmakers. Here's a great tutorial on dialogue editing to start:

Horror Effects That Won't Scare Your Budget

By Emma Rae Curtis, posted 1 March 2012

Horror effects can make or break your horror film. But you do not have to blow your budget to get good effects for your film. The internet is just brimming with frugal horror effects tips. I have compiled some of the best ones below so you can take advantage of them for your own film.

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