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COMPETITION: 'Imagination Series' with Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher, Tribeca Film Festival, and Bombay Sapphire

By Benjamin Craig, posted 5 July 2012

Iconic gin brand Bombay Sapphire has launched the 'Imagination Series' in association with the Tribeca Film Festival, a global film competition offering budding filmmakers the chance to make their own short film with imagination at its heart.

San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, July 2012

By Beth Feather, posted 28 June 2012

San Francisco, a world-renowned city for tourists is now the destination for the independent filmmaker. Every July, San Francisco hosts the Frozen Film Festival. Talented individuals from all over the world gather in the Bay Area to exhibit their creations; more importantly, to bond as a community. Founded in 2006, this nonprofit organization strives to be more than just your average showcase of films. Their mission is to melt away the challenges of prejudice, poverty, or lack of confidence that can "freeze" filmmakers. By providing the platform, Frozen Film allows filmmakers and their audience to connect, creating a stronger community of movie enthusiasts.

The Sound of Prometheus

By Benjamin Craig, posted 13 June 2012

The SoundWorks Collection talks with the sound team of Director Ridley Scott's latest science fiction film "Prometheus" including Supervising Sound Editors Mark Stoeckinger and Victor Ennis, Sound Re-recording Mixers Ron Bartlett and Doug Hemphill, Sound Designers Ann Scibelli and Alan Rankin, and Sound Effects Researcher Charlie Campagna.

REDucation X Learn to Shoot RED, the 'Deep-End' Way

By Benjamin Craig, posted 6 June 2012

Kicking off in October 2012, REDucation X is a training initiative from the makers of the RED camera, one of the trailblazers in the digital cinematography scene. REDucation X is a 16 week training program for filmmakers who want to have the opportunity to take their RED experience to another level and get some industry exposure at the same time.

TUTORIAL - Quick Car Crash in After Effects

By Ruan Lotter, posted 6 June 2012

Ruan Lotter runs a YouTube channel called Tunnelviziontv which contains a number of interesting tutorials, product tests, and other stuff of interest to indie filmmakers. Here's a great tutorial on faking a car crash in After Effects:

So You Want To Break into Comedy Writing?

By Frank Pasquine, posted 29 May 2012

Looking around the landscape of professional comedy writers, one will find that a major breeding ground is The Harvard Lampoon. Writers like Conan O'Brien and B.J. Novak got their start from the prestigious university paper, and the hooks up coming out of their tight circle are extraordinary. But, before you get discouraged, know there are many other avenues to success.

SeeFlik Offers Biannual Filmmaking Competition... With Cash Prizes!

By Benjamin Craig, posted 4 May 2012

In recent times there certainly hasn't been any shortage of filmmaking competitions with cash prizes. However this has largely been driven by marketing agencies and their big brand clients, who realised a while back that there's a huge talent pool out there hungry for exposure. And the fact that it comes dirty cheap... well that's a bonus really.

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