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Film School Thru Commentaries

By Benjamin Craig, posted 20 August 2013

Film School Through Commentaries is an interesting blog which collates video and audio interviews with successful filmmakers on a range of topics. Here's a taster with a piece in which Kevin Smith weights in on that timeless question: to film school or not to film school...

Movie Poster Cliches

By Benjamin Craig, posted 5 August 2013

Jackomatic has put together this interesting blog post, entitled 15 Over-Used Movie Poster Clichés which looks at graphic design styles which are commonly used for posters for movies in specific genres. The post generally takes a negative view towards this, singing the familiar "Hollywood is creatively bankrupt" tune. While this is generally true of the films it produces, when it comes to posters, using graphic design cues to help audience make sense of what a film is about is not only deliberate, but critically important.

4 Reasons Why Video Glasses Could Replace External Camera Monitors

By Matthew Carter, posted 10 July 2013

Despite the fact external monitors have dropped in price considerably over the years, they still cause many difficulties for filmmakers and photographers that have small production crews. Even the most accessible external monitors can be fiddly and difficult to see properly in bright locations, often making their unique selling points not worth the hassle.

The Sound of Monsters University

By Benjamin Craig, posted 2 July 2013

In this profile SoundWorks Collection talks with Sound Designer Tom Myers of Skywalker Sound about his work on Pixar Animation's latest film, Monster University.

Lucas & Spielberg's Death Knell and What it Means for Indie Creators

By Anjum Bhardwaj, posted 1 July 2013

At a recent talk at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg made some interesting predictions about the future of the film industry. In a nutshell, they both agreed that some major changes are coming to the box office, culminating in an implosion that will forever change the face of filmmaking.

The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio

By Benjamin Craig, posted 28 June 2013

Ever stopped to think about just how we ended up with the film and video aspect ratios we now take for granted. The guys over at have put together some great overview of the history of aspect ratios.

The future of cinema and TV: It's game over for the hi-res hype

By Benjamin Craig, posted 26 June 2013

Not deterred by receiving a 'meh' from the marketplace after a big advertising push for 3D televisions, the consumer electronics industry is busy trying to get everyone excited by the next big thing - 4K screens. Digital video expert, John Watkinson, debunks some of the current (and previous) received wisdom regarding resolutions and framerates in this fascinating piece.

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