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Kodak's 2013 Student Scholarship Program

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 March 2013

Once mighty Kodak has taken a pretty severe beating of late and while the company has retreated from consumer photography, it remains committed to its presence in the motion picture space. As part of this commitment, Kodak has announced a call for applications for its 2013 student scholarship program.

Through the Lens: Conversations with Cinematographers, Dean Cundey

By Jesse Ikeman, posted 4 March 2013

In the first episode of the series, veteran cinematographer Dean Cundey ("Apollo 13", "Back to the Future", "Jurassic Park") talks through his experience with Craft Truck.

Top 5 - Crowd Funding Mistakes

By Benjamin Craig, posted 22 February 2013

The idea of crowd-funding independent films has received a lot of attention of late, with several filmmakers singing praises of the ability to shortcut the cumbersome financing process and go straight to the audience. But the crowd-funding route isn't an automated route to budget riches. Producer and marketing consultant James J. Heath looks at the Top 5 Crowd-Funding Mistakes on his blog:

Have Seamless Green Screen Sets Finally Arrived?

By Benjamin Craig, posted 20 February 2013

ILM would like you to think so. A recent post to their YouTube channel shows just how little of the final sequence of 'The Avengers' was actually shot in New York City (where the action actually takes place).

Documentary Filmmaking: When Lying Tells the Truth

By Zack Mandell, posted 15 February 2013

It's a problem that seems to be shared by both quantum physics (a subject about which I know a ton, seriously) and documentary filmmaking - does the act of watching something change it in some fundamental way? How can someone act, react and respond "normally" to life when they're aware those actions, reactions and responses are being recorded? Are all human interest documentaries documenting nothing but affectation and artifice from its interviewees? Do any documentaries actually mirror back truth?

COMPETITION: Nokia + Music Video + Sundance London = Cash Prizes!

By Benjamin Craig, posted 13 February 2013

News of a music video completion dropped in our inbox this morning where some cash prizes, cool phones, and a chance to have your work premiere at the 2013 edition of Sundance London. Here's the blub:

How to be Quentin Tarantino

By Benjamin Craig, posted 23 January 2013

With the recent release of Tarantino's eighth feature as a director, the guys over at Film Doctor take a look back over his career to date, and how the once video store clerk has achieved and maintained his seat at the table of top directors.

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