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New Mo-Cap Rig Renders Scenes in Real-Time

By Benjamin Craig, posted 14 April 2014

Motion-capture technologies (and techniques) have come forward in leaps and bounds over the past decade, however one of the main limitations in this very young sector has always been the power to preview the results of a shot in real-time and at a quality which reflects more what the final output will be.

Interview with VFX Pioneer Dennis Muren

By Benjamin Craig, posted 6 February 2014

Dennis Muren occupies a rare place in movie history as one of the truly great pioneers of visual effects. Boing Boing blogger Mark Frauenfelder talks with Muren about his career and the craft.

D16 Bolex 'Digital 16mm' Camera Available to Pre-Order

By Benjamin Craig, posted 18 December 2013

Off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Digital Bolex (a JV between the original Bolex company and start-up Cinemeridian) are set to launch their first product - the D16 Bolex, digital 16mm camera.

The Sound of All is Lost

By Benjamin Craig, posted 6 December 2013

The chaps over at SoundWorks Collection explore Director J.C. Chandor's new film, All is Lost. Premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, the film features only one character and contains almost no dialogue yet is brought to life by the talented sound and music team including Re-recording Mixer and Sound Designers Steve Boeddeker and Brandon Proctor and Supervising Sound Editor Richard Hymns of Skywalker Sound and Music Composer Alex Ebert.

How To... Film The Great Outdoors Using a DSLR

By Sam Saadat, posted 31 October 2013

Filmmakers are referring to DSLR filmmaking as a revolutionary invention. It achieved a huge leap forward in the quality of the image and moreover it has become available to millions of potential filmmakers, helping to spread the word and passion. Basically, a DSLR has a gigantic image sensor in comparison to the film cameras that used to be in use prior to it's invention. It's 20-30 times larger than the standard professional video cameras.

3 New Skills Every Digital Editor Should Develop

By Danny Groner, posted 16 October 2013

Even veteran filmmakers who have a certain defined and reliable style should think about how they can make their projects better. It's relatively easy these days to pick up new skills, thanks to the proliferation and accessibility of online training and tutorials. With digital editing programs, you can give your videos a new look and feel, and overall approach.

Film School Thru Commentaries

By Benjamin Craig, posted 20 August 2013

Film School Through Commentaries is an interesting blog which collates video and audio interviews with successful filmmakers on a range of topics. Here's a taster with a piece in which Kevin Smith weights in on that timeless question: to film school or not to film school...

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