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Make a Short Film, Win Cash Prizes

By David Halse, posted 20 November 2006

A new short film competition with a difference is giving film enthusiasts in Greater Manchester the chance to win cash prizes, get their films screened at a gala event, meet leading industry names and win a place on a prestigious video school to take their skills further. The BigStoryLittleFilm competition challenges you to make a five-minute film based on something from the Bible.

Seeing What the Camera Sees

By Scott Shaw, posted 6 November 2006

At the heart of any cinematic creation is the visual image. It does not matter how spectacular the locations are where you are filming, nor how great the performances of your actors -- if you do not correctly capture these images on your camera, then your film is lost.

Making the Cheapest Film on Earth

By O.Doren, posted 18 October 2006

Remember a story about a small town Malegaon, 285 kilometres from Mumbai (India). In this particular part of the world, Shekh Nasir a young enterprising fellow courts news by making movie remakes of Bollywood blockbusters. His films commercially screened in the small town video parlours created a hysterical fever among the public elevating his films into blockbuster status.

How To Build A Buzz Machine For Filmmakers

By Kasem Kharsa, posted 18 October 2006

A Book Summary of "Creating Customer Evangelists" by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba.

What if I haven't gone into production yet?

By Stacey Parks, posted 3 August 2006

I've gotten a lot of questions lately from filmmakers who haven't gone into production yet with their films, as to whether or not it's a good time to start thinking about distribution. My answer is always the same: it's a great idea to start thinking about distribution even BEFORE you make your film.

Webfilm - Much ado about nothing?

By Patrick Carpenter, posted 3 August 2006

Filmmakers have held their breath at the prospect that their industry and craft is about to be changed forever by the impact of digital technology as a production medium and the internet as a delivery platform.

Low Budget Filmmakers Must Do Everything Required

By Michael P. Connelly, posted 3 July 2006

So you say you have a burning desire to make a movie and you will do what ever it takes to get the job done? You fancy yourself an “independent” type and you want to reflect that in your art? Well, you better know what it takes before you decide to launch yourself into the world of independent filmmaking. If you do not know, your project may never see the light of day, or more importantly the light of a movie screen.

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