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Appropriating the Film Text in a Digital Age

By Anthony Cristiano, posted 17 April 2007

In order to speak of appropriation we must first answer the question: What do we mean by film text? As Christian Metz put it since the 1970s in his article "The Imaginary Signifier"1 published on Screen, film implies the entire institution of filmmaking: the creation, the distribution, and the exhibition of the work. offers digital distribution for indie filmakers

By Brian Andrews, posted 21 March 2007, the Internet's first distributor of premium, independent video content exclusively targeted to portable media players such as the Apple iPod and Sony PSP, is re-launching a live public beta.

You are the Box Office Smash: The Personal Screenplay

By Gordy Hoffman, posted 19 February 2007

Right this very second, in the heart of every struggling, undiscovered screenwriter, in the dark, hidden corner deep within, there is a voice, a clear whisper, saying one thing: You're never gonna figure this out.

How to Get Foreign Distribution For Your Film

By Stacey Parks, posted 17 January 2007

Finding foreign distribution for your independent film is an entirely different beast than finding domestic distribution. While it's true that foreign distribution used to be responsible for 70% of the sales that were made on a film, unfortunately the same is not true today. Once upon a time you could rely on good ol' foreign sales for paying your investors back. Today, you'd be lying to your investors if you told them you would pay them back with the foreign sales revenue on your independent film project.

Spielberg Invites Budding Filmmakers to Join Him 'On The Lot'

By Calvin Hwang, posted 20 December 2006

Aspiring filmmakers can take the first step toward fulfilling their dreams of becoming a Hollywood director by applying to participate in FOX's new reality competition series ON THE LOT. To enter, applicants over 13 years of age must submit a self-directed short film, up to five minutes in length, to

POV - Inferior technology

By O.Doren, posted 4 December 2006

I can easily understand why most of the libidinal guys would inarguably prefer a technically sound Pamela Anderson to a Miss Plain Jane next door with a 31-32-33 figure. But most of you work it out with Miss Plain Jane. It's the same with technology.

BAFTA Launch '60 Seconds Of Fame'

By Stuart Coles, posted 28 November 2006

The British Academy of Film & Television Arts have launched a new short film competition 60 Seconds of Fame, run in association with Orange.

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