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Radar Gives New Directors Chance to Crack the Music Industry

By Kathryn Partridge, posted 2 August 2007

Aspiring directors will be given the chance to work with some of the best talent in the music industry through the second Radar Festival. Kylie Minogue, Just Jack, Maximo Park and Richard Hawley are just some of the artists who have released their tracks to the festival for up and coming directors to work with.

Shooting Urban Films

By Sid Kali, posted 1 August 2007

Who is Sid Kali? I've written, directed, and produced two full-length urban features, CONSIGNMENT and IN WITH THIEVES, plus have a third feature in production titled STASH SPOT.

Matching Independent Filmmakers with Global Distributors

By Mark Byers, posted 28 June 2007

"The greatest roadblock to success for an independent producer is not access to name talent or a great script or even money – it's distribution." That's the view of Mark Byers, independent writer/producer, and co-creator of the website.

Cannes Market Focus 2007

By Benjamin Craig, posted 7 June 2007

Each year the Marché du Film (Cannes Market) publishes Focus, a summary of key facts and figures for the international film industry from the previous year. Focus 2007 provides box-office and admissions statistics for all of the world's key film markets from 2006.

Comedy Central/Atom Films Test Pilots Competition

By Atom Films, posted 7 June 2007

COMEDY CENTRAL is partnering with AtomFilms and once again putting out a challenge to its audience with the launch of the second annual "COMEDY CENTRAL Test Pilots," an online competition in search of the next big broadband series, it was announced today by Lou Wallach, senior vice president, original programming and development, COMEDY CENTRAL. Today also marks the series debut of "Awesome Friends" -- last year's "COMEDY CENTRAL Test Pilots" Grand Prize winner. "COMEDY CENTRAL Test Pilots" is sponsored by the new Subway Fresh Fit Meals.

The New Film Distribution: What You See is What You Get

By The Wysiwyg Team, posted 7 June 2007

At a time when international cinema and DVD revenues are declining and TV audiences are dwindling, why would a young company spend time signing up distribution rights for all sorts of independent content from all over the world? The answer might elude, confuse or scare many of the traditional media giants, but this is exactly what Wysiwyg Films is doing - and why? Because they looked to the future of content distribution three years ago and saw the internet as the inevitable way forward. For all media. Everywhere.

The Death of Piracy

By The Wysiwyg Team, posted 25 May 2007

Piracy - no, not the eye-patch type, but the copyright infringement variety. Product piracy has been with us since the industrial revolution, but today it is most common in the distribution of music, films and television shows. Compared to the film and TV industries, those music bods have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (or illegal download) and, nowadays, seen the video.

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