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What I Really Want to Do Is Direct, Part I

By Lenny Manzo, posted 22 April 2010

Upon entering the film business everyone wants to direct, unfortunately there are not that many jobs available compared to the amount of people who want them. If directing is something you think would be fun or cool, you would be right. However, this is not the right approach; it has to be a true calling for you. You really have to want it more than anything else.

How to Market and Sell Your Movie on The Internet

By Jason Brubaker, posted 20 April 2010

Over the past decade, everything has changed for the indie filmmaker. These days, there is no excuse not to make a feature film. But just as importantly, there is no excuse not to view your filmmaking as a business. That means, you not only have to focus on making the movie - but you really need to have a strategy for making money from your movie.

Should You Move To Los Angeles?

By Lenny Manzo, posted 19 April 2010

The short answer is yes and no. Elaborated, L.A. is the center of the film industry, the Mecca if you will. All the big production companies are there. All the distributers are there. All the actors are there. Everyone is there. If you want to rise to the top of the pyramid as a director or producer you should absolutely go to L.A, likewise if you are an actor and want to be in the movies there is no choice, go and don't look back.

Interview: Brenda Hineman talks microcinema with horror writer/director Steve Sessions.

By Brenda Hineman, posted 13 April 2010

Brenda Hineman conducts a guest interview with microcinema horror Writer/Director, Steve Sessions for Sessions is an independent filmmaker from Biloxi, Mississippi. His films include: Contagio, Torment, Cremains, and Dead Clowns, among others.

5 Tips for a Successful Film Reel

By Collins College, posted 12 April 2010

A film reel can be the stepping stone to a rewarding career in the film or television industry. This can make or break your career. There are many opportunities for filmmakers, directors, cinematographers and editors to make a lasting impression and land the perfect job. Have you ever wondered what makes a good film reel?

Filming Interviews for a Documentary

By Marcus Shaw, posted 15 March 2010

Documentaries are one of the best ways for an unknown filmmaker to get their name recognized and gain some initial success in the industry. What's great about documentaries is that you don't need to hire big stars, and you can tell compelling stories in this format without an A+ script. Of course, it is the movie's subjects themselves who tell the story so you'll need to make sure everything is right on your end. And this means setting things up correctly in terms of filming.

Risky Business: Producing 'Indie' Films

By Film Slate Magazine, posted 14 March 2010

The term "indie film" first came to prominence in the mid 1990s. Once Kevin Smith's "Clerks" (produced on a budget of $27,000) hit theaters and proved that a low dollar filmówith a good script and decent enough actorsócould score with audiences, the major studios took notice.

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