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Focus 2010 - World Film Market Trends

By Benjamin Craig, posted 20 June 2010

Each year, the Marché du Film, the world's largest film market at the Cannes Film Festival releases a free report called Focus. The report details trends from the previous year in world film sales and distribution.

Virgin Media Shorts is a short film competition that champions undiscovered talent.

By Joss Payne, posted 18 June 2010

Whether you're a film maker or a film lover, there are loads of ways to get involved. Read all about them below.

Book Review: Think Outside of the Box-Office

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 June 2010

First it was the music business, now the film industry is beginning to face a sustained assault on its traditional business models, and distribution is the main battleground. As audiences now demand more timely and flexible access to content, Big Media has given up on suing it's customers in favour of a two-pronged attack: going after easier (and richer) targets, the ISPs; and flashing its cash around halls of government to try and influence policy and law-making to its own ends. Indie filmmakers might be forgiven for feeling a lot like collateral damage in this conflict. While the next Tom Cruise vehicle is unlikely to face any challenges in obtaining distribution, the already difficult task of successfully exploiting an independent film via traditional challenges is getting harder by the day.

Have a Sync: the new tool for music licensing

By Silvia Siano, posted 3 June 2010

Have a sync ( is the new tool for music licensing, designed and managed by Bixio Publishing Group. It allows directors, advertising agencies, music consultants to find the perfect music for films, documentaries, commercials, TV series and other audiovisual productions. The research is intuitive, fast and efficient, thanks to the innovative Sync Cloud system. All the tracks on Have a Sync are available in full-track streaming. For most of the tracks, the licenses can be purchased directly online for both publishing and master rights.

Self Distribution: The Only Game in Town

By Lenny Manzo, posted 2 June 2010

You come up with a brilliant idea. You write a great script. By some miracle you find the money to make the movie. It's finished and it came out pretty good. Now what do you do? This is the toughest part of the process; selling your film.

Distribution: The Never Ending Story

By Lenny Manzo, posted 21 May 2010

The first thing is to think about is the market. Does the movie have a niche? Who does the movie appeal to and who will pay to see it? These questions need to be answered before you do a thing. The distribution must be part of the plan from the beginning. No other business would make a product and not know where it would be sold.

Tribeca Film Festival: Can Social Media Help 'Indie' Filmmakers Make It Big?

By Film Slate Magazine, posted 30 April 2010

A true artiste may argue that in the end it does not matter how successful a film is, so long as the story is told. But if the true purpose of filmmaking is to tell a story, is it really a story if no one is watching?

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