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Is Your Script Ready?

By C.J. Perry, posted 25 August 2010

As you're thinking about getting ready to try and sell your script, you should be asking yourself, is it really ready? The business of screenwriting is hard enough without jumping into the market unprepared. Besides the actual writing, which is a sometimes torturous process in itself, there is everything else that goes into getting your finished work into the hands of a script reader, then possibly an agent or producer.

Phillips and Ridley Scott challenge filmmakers to 'Tell It Your Way'

By Benjamin Craig, posted 27 July 2010

Phillips are currently running a global competition giving aspiring filmmakers the chance to have their work judged by Ridley Scott!

Experience the Magic of the Chicago International Film Festival This Year

By Michelle Medlock, posted 26 July 2010

Chicago is known as the Windy City, the proud home of the Cubbies and the White Sox, and the celebrated location of the annual Chicago International Film Festival. In its 46th year, the Chicago International Film Festival has enjoyed a long and fruitful life in the heart of Chicago, thrilling local folks, Hollywood celebrities and film enthusiasts from across the world. Held every October at AMC River East 21, 322 E. Illinois Street, this event is one you won't want to miss.

Win Storage Gear and €5000 with Hitachi G-Technology

By Benjamin Craig, posted 21 July 2010

To promote their G-Tech storage system to filmmakers and other artists, Hitachi are running a competition called Driven Creativity. The competition is open to shorts and features from amateur and professional filmmakers in the UK, Germany, and France only.

Get Your Short Factual Film Funded by Don't Panic

By Benjamin Craig, posted 20 July 2010

Don't Panic is an online magazine with a TV channel. They've been in touch to let us know that they're currently looking for new filmmakers to propose ideas which they will consider funding to turn into films. The shorts must be factual (i.e. documentaries) and sit within one of the following broad subject areas: Arts, Music, Film, Politics, Style, or Technology.

Will the Real Author Please Stand?

By Jamie Paszko, posted 19 July 2010

With so many players involved in the filmmaking process, from the actors, writers and directors, to the editors and cinematographers, not to mention the studio executives throwing in their two cents, it's hard to tell who is responsible for the finished product of a film. So who is the true author of a film?

Video: Working with 3D - The Sony World Cup Commercial

By Benjamin Craig, posted 21 June 2010

Academy Productions and Jonathan Glazer talk about the differences and challenges in shooting and producing work in 3D, using their Sony 3D World Cup commercial as the case study.

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