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Competition - make a part of Stephen Gyllenhaal's next film

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 November 2010

Here's an unusual twist on the "get a filmmaker to make us a commercial for free" fad that seems to be sweeping the marketing and PR business at the moment: create an infomercial for director Stephen Gyllenhaal's next film!

Filmmaking is Making Widgets

By Jason P. Brubaker, posted 3 November 2010

When we compare modern moviemaking to widget production, it oftentimes seems as though we are saying that the end product of our work carries with it so much more human, emotional weight and experience than the mere production of a widget. And while I understand that watching a feature film has so much more value to ME, and as most of us would argue, humanity - Our friends at the widget factory might disagree.

Ambitious Internet TV start-up looking for indie film content

By Benjamin Craig, posted 29 October 2010

The Internet is certainly awash with new players in the online TV market and all are seeking content. Many of these have been little more than YouTube-alikes and probably don't represent much in the way of value for the indie filmmaker. Entering this crowded space in December 2010 is a new service called, which aims to take a "best of both worlds" approach by marrying some of the good things about traditional TV with the benefits of delivering content over the Internet. This is abmitious in a space which is being eyed hungrily by the likes of Google TV, Apple, and the like, but from the initial information available, the service looks worthy of a look.

Product placement app launches, promotes 'scripts first' policy

By Benjamin Craig, posted 28 October 2010

A new web app for product placement has launched, with a different take on how product placement deals can be approached. Product Place Me, founded by Rex Riepe, co-founder of Presskit'n and HootCourse, seeks to take on bad product placement with a "scripts first" policy.

Free Cinematography Tutorials

By Benjamin Craig, posted 27 October 2010

Freelance cinematographer, Tom Antos, has put together a series of useful video tutorials on a wide range of cinematography topics, from shot composition and basic lighting, through to green screen and colour correction techniques.

Book Review: The Guerilla Filmmaker's Pocketbook

By Benjamin Craig, posted 1 October 2010

The Guerilla Filmmaker's series have been a staple of the indie guide bookshelf for over a decade now, and the winning formula of down to earth advice from real world industry people as lead to sales of over 100,000 copies. The latest edition of the guide has been reformatted to be "pocketbook" sized (although we're not exactly sure why?), but comes packing the same wealth of information as its larger scale cousins.

Time Warner Cable and IFC Want to Take You to Sundance 2011

By Benjamin Craig, posted 27 September 2010

Well, kind of. If you're a US resident and have a short film which is 2-5 minutes long (or want to make one in time for the deadline), Time Warner Cable and IFC are running a short film contest, the grand prize for which is four nights in Park City in January for you and your lucky friend to soak up all that is the Sundance Film Festival.

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