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Raindance and Direct Line Challenge You to Tell a Story in 40 Seconds Straight

By Raindance, posted 14 June 2011

Fancy yourself as the next Martin Scorsese or Tom Hooper? Well this may be the competition for you.

RED vs. Alexa? Depends on the job.

By Charles Haine, posted 3 June 2011

Occupying the niche in the industry that I do (as a colorist not associated with a lab or telecine house), I grade mostly digitally captured images, and I have to admit that I was tremendously excited when the Alexa came onto the scene.

So You Want to Make a Movie?

By Mehka King, posted 10 May 2011

"So you want to make a movie?" That was the message that flowed through my mind when I first came up with the idea for my documentary "In the Mix: DJs Doing Work". I wanted to do something about the culture that I love, hip-hop, and I knew that anything about hip-hop had to begin with the DJ. What I hadn't planned was how I was going to film it. Anybody who's ever tried to execute a project or start-up knows the time and preparation that goes into even the smallest detail and budget can be a stressful matter.

DA VINCI for Free is the best marketing strategy ever

By Charles Haine, posted 5 May 2011

Some colorists I have talked to have been very disappointed to discover that Blackmagic Da Vinci is about to be offered for free (or at least a slightly limited version). Even though I will still be buying the software (the limitations of the free version will be a bit too much for me to use it as I need), I think this is the smartest possible thing that Blackmagic could have done, and I applaud them for it.

Get Someone to Help you with the Scissors

By Guy Ducker, posted 3 May 2011

Apple have just announced that they're lowering the cost of Final Cut Pro software to $299 (probably the same in pounds). Given that the new generation of digital cameras bring the basic cost of the hardware necessary to shoot and cut a HD feature film well within a four-figure price bracket, it's now possible to be completely independent - to shoot and cut your film yourself on your own kit. Possible... but a bad idea.

Lessons Learned on a Microbudget Horror Film

By Trevor Munday, posted 15 April 2011

Werner Herzog famously stole a camera he'd officially won in a film competition in order to make his first few films, feeling that it was destined to be his. With his admonition that in the age of digital cameras, anyone could make a film if they chose to do so, a few friends and I decided to write and film a micro-budget horror film.

Screenplay Competitions - Are they worth the entry fee?

By Benjamin Craig, posted 7 April 2011

Over the last few years screenplay competitions have been popping up all over the place. These days there are hundreds of screenplay competitions run each year. Some are attached to established film festivals or sponsored by local filmmaking groups or even government agencies. Others are run as stand-alone events. Some of these competitions are free to enter, whereas others charge up to $50 or more for a submission. But do these competitions actually offer any true value for the submission fees they charge?

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