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Books : Film School & Career

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Projections 12: Filmmakers on Film Schools

By John Boorman & Walter Donohue (Editors)

In the 1960s film schools sprang up around the globe and since then one-time student film-makers such as Milos Forman and Martin Scorsese have enriched world cinema. Yet when young upstarts such as Qu... rating

Action/Cut Filmmaking Deluxe Video & DVD Pro Collection

By Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars

Action/Cut Filmmaking Industry Seminars has produced its acclaimed seminar experience as a 12-hour intensive workshop on VHS tapes and DVDs available to everyone wishing for a comprehensive study of t... rating

Film School Confidential: The Insider's Guide to Film Schools

By Karin Kelly, Tom Edgar

Thinking about going to film school? Don't send in that application just yet--first read this book, the definitive guide to film schools around the country. The 26 institutions reviewed are rated acco... rating

Breaking In : How 20 Film Directors Got Their Start

By Nicholas Jarecki

A collection with a broad group of directors on just how they get their first films made. The mix of directors includes Hollywood heavy-weights like Barry Sonnenfeld and John Carpenter, as well as ind... rating

Breaking & Entering: Land Your First Job in Film Production

By April Fitzsimmons

April Fitzsimmons' Breaking & Entering: Land Your First Job in Film Productionis a useful, informative and practical career guide to breaking into film or television production and having a good time ... rating

The Complete Guide to American Film Schools and Cinema and Television Courses

By Ernest Pintoff

This book lists all Film/TV schools and colleges by state. It has many-many different options listed: from community colleges to the grad schools. However, it does not provide more specific info about... rating

How to Make it in Hollywood : Second Edition

By Linda Buzzell

Renowned psychotherapist and career counselor Linda Buzzell is the expert in knowing how to create and develop a career in Hollywood. With this book, she shows you how to look at your personality, you... rating

All You Need to Know About the Movie and TV Business

By Gail Resnik & Scott Trost

From getting the necessary training and understanding the intricate responsibilities of everyone behind or in front of the camera to getting your first break and avoiding career-specific pitfalls, All... rating

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