Software Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting software to the toolshed software archive. Please review our software submission policy below before sending us your application or template.

  • Filmmaking Software Only. The Software Library is not a generic software listing service - only applications and templates which directly relate to filmmaking will be listed. Examples of acceptable types of software include templates (screenplay, call sheet, camera logs, etc), media converters, budgeting/scheduling software, and plug-ins for popular post-production applications.
  • Downloadable. A downloadable version of the application/template must be available for free. This can be freeware, shareware, open source, or a demo version of a commercial application. Downloads are not hosted by, so the downloadable version must also be acessible elsewhere on the Internet.
  • No Adware/Spyware. All applications/templates submitted must be free of any functions which would commonly be considered adware/spyware/malware/scareware etc. Further, applications must not install any other program without the user's clear and explicit consent (e.g hiding consent in a lengthy EULA is not acceptable).
  • No Illegal Software. The application must be legal and must not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks held by a third-party. Where relevant, the application must also comply with any applicable European Union law.
  • No Automated Submissions. We do not allow software submissions to be made using any automated means. Any application/template submitted via an automated or third-party service will be automatically rejected.
  • Submission does not guarantee listing. Listing of an application or template in the Software Library is completely at the discretion of We reserve the right to edit the information provided with the submission for appropriate content and/or length. Submissions will not appear on the site until they have been approved by a editor.

» OK. I agree to the terms of your submission policy, let's submit!