Picture of Breaking In : How 20 Film Directors Got Their Start

Breaking In : How 20 Film Directors Got Their Start

By Nicholas Jarecki

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A collection with a broad group of directors on just how they get their first films made. The mix of directors includes Hollywood heavy-weights like Barry Sonnenfeld and John Carpenter, as well as indie stall thwarts Neil LaBute, Tom DiCillo, and Abel Ferrara.

Jerecki's interview style is extremely accessible and his interviewees are often very candid in their responses. Not only is there a good cross-section of studio and independent filmmakers, a broad age range is also represented, with filmmakers who have made it in the last 5 years, and those who had their break in a very different industry.

In reading these interviews one thing is clear as day: it's all about who you know. All of the filmmakers interviewed got their break through varied means, but the common theme is that they all knew or met someone important along the way. This book should be a definite read for any aspiring filmmaker.

Reviewed byBenjamin Craig 

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