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Technicolor Launches 'CineStyleT Color Assist', an Entry-Level Colour-Correction/Grading Tool

By Benjamin Craig, posted 28 November 2012

When it comes to colour and motion pictures, there are few companies out there who can match the expertise and experience of Technicolor. The company's name is of course synonymous with helping shift movies from the black and white to the full-colour realm, but historically its technology has mainly been utilised by Studios and expensive post facilities. But with the launch of CineStyleT Color Assist, high-quality, real-time colour correction and grading software is now available to indie filmmakers everywhere.

Big Apple Film Festival: November 14th-18th

By Beth Feather, posted 10 October 2012

Named one of MovieMaker Magazines "25 Coolest Film Festivals," The Big Apple Film Festival, hosted by The Big Apple Film Society, is not just another congregation of independent artists in NYC. When founder and filmmaker, Jonathan Marc Lipp, first launched the event, it was because in his mind, there were not enough festivals with accessibility for independent creators. By developing a new outlet he created visibility for films otherwise lost in the masses of festival submissions.

The Sound and Music of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

By Benjamin Craig, posted 9 October 2012

Visionary Director Christopher Nolan returns for the final chapter of the Batman saga. The guys over at SoundWorks Collection profile the sound and music team including Composer Hans Zimmer and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King.

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

By Beth Feather, posted 8 October 2012

Known as the Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM) until 2004, this independent film festival has gone through years of change and development. Forty years of change that is, as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema as it is called today.

How To Move from Photography to Cinematography

By Xavier Burgin, posted 14 September 2012

During my time as an undergraduate in college, I used my skills as a photographer to garner extra revenue whenever possible. This revenue would flow back into my main area of expertise and passion, film. The skill set of a photographer is quite invaluable on a film set. A creative eye for positioning, shot placement, lighting, lenses, and filters is essential when creating the atmosphere of a film, yet there must be something more within an individual than just the superb skill set of a photographer.

Recommended Read: 'My Indecision is Final' by Jake Eberts

By Benjamin Craig, posted 10 September 2012

Jake Eberts, who passed away last week at the age of 71 from complications related to a rare eye cancer, was a legendary and prolific British producer, responsible for a string of successful movies over a period of 30 years. He leaves behind an body of work including Oscar-winners such as Ghandi, The Killing Fields, Chariots of Fire, Driving Miss Daisy, and Dances With Wolves, and in later years Chicken Run, James and the Giant Peach, and March of the Penguins. And unusually for a producer, Eberts was widely regarded by all who worked with him right up until the last.

GreenlightMyMovie Wants to Get Your Work In Front of Hollywood

By Benjamin Craig, posted 31 August 2012

Launched recently has joined a space which has previously been known mainly as a mausoleum of ideas to use the web as a kind of dating service for indie filmmakers and Hollywood execs. While a few stragglers remain in the space, notably Studio Beyond and Trigger Street, the concept has felt tired for several years now. But there are several reasons which make us want to the benefit of the doubt and suggest filmmakers with good ideas give it a whirl.

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