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New Short Film Distribution Guide

By Benjamin Craig, posted 19 February 2009

Scottish Screen, the government film agency in Scotland, has produced an in-depth guide to the distribution of short films. And the best news is that it can be downloaded for free.

Focus 2008 - World Film Market Trends

By Benjamin Craig, posted 12 February 2009

Each year, the Marché du Film, the world's largest film market at the Cannes Film Festival releases a free report called Focus. The report details trends from the previous year in world film sales and distribution. The report is always a valuable read for anyone in interested in the business side of the international film world.

Writing A Script

By Jay Staudt, posted 9 February 2009

With the number of re-makes coming out these days, you'd think every original film idea had been used a dozen times. Not to say that it hasn't (the black-white "buddy cop" film has practically become its own genre.

Review: 'Movie Photos' by Alex Bailey

By Benjamin Craig, posted 20 January 2009

In most industry professionals' list of top tips for new and independent filmmakers you would find "great stills" near the top of the list. Getting decent stills for your film while you are on set is essential as the best shots to use in your marketing and publicity materials may not necessarily be sourced from a frame in the film. And indeed, using frame grabs as stills can introduce a whole host of problems of their own.

Love Linux? Make a video and win a trip to Tokyo!

By Benjamin Craig, posted 13 January 2009

Last year saw Microsoft attempt to re-invent itself through advertising, while Apple continued to invest millions of dollars in its consumer-focused campaigns. Now it's time for Linux to step up into the spotlight, the best way open source knows how - by tapping the collective expertise of the community.

FestBomb - A New Premium Festival Submission Service

By Nick Scipione, posted 25 June 2008 offers filmmakers the ability to submit to five or ten premium festivals of their choice with the click of a button. We require no sign-up or login from our users, making the process just a few short minutes. From start to finish, the filmmaker selects their choice of festivals, specifies which submission category for each festival, enters contact & film information, uploads optional artwork, and pays through PayPal or by credit card. In addition to a no-nonsense submission experience, Fest Bomb professionally duplicates, packages, and ships each entry - offering filmmakers an attractive, branded submission package and festivals a prompt, safe and organized delivery.

Film Financing for the DIY Filmmaker

By Donny Broussard, posted 19 June 2008

The first question to fall off of every film student or self taught filmmakers' lips when they reach the point of no return and decide to actually try to make a film is, "How the hell am I going to pay for this?" Over the years I've done a lot of research on this subject, I've been through the ringer with production companies, and now I'm going to do my best to breakdown what I think are the best ways to finance your DIY film. I'm also going to list a few helpful websites, resources, and books that can help new filmmakers find coin for their project.

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