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Video Hosting Site Quality Comparison

By Benjamin Craig, posted 5 November 2009

If you're looking for somewhere to host your short film, there is now a plethora of options available, from the ubiquitous YouTube through to photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket, which have recently jumped on the video hosting bandwagon.

One Fat Cigar Launch Competition

By Benjamin Craig, posted 22 October 2009

By the end of October, One Fat Cigar, a new website for up-and-coming and professional film makers is launching. To announce the launch the guys at OFC are doing an exclusive promotion with, to give away 10 premium memberships prior to the launch of the site and giving customers a first opportunity to take a look at the site. To learn more about One Fat Cigar, see below, and read their blog.

Beware of scam 'film festivals' and dubious competitions.

By Benjamin Craig, posted 4 October 2009

It seems that every man and his dog wants to run a film festival these days, which is fantastic in many ways, not least because it provides an even greater number of outlets for filmmakers to get their work in front of an audience. Sadly the multitude of scammers and ethics-lite opportunists who prowl the Internet also seem to have their dirty fingers in the film festival scene as well.

Focus 2009 - World Film Market Trends

By Benjamin Craig, posted 18 August 2009

Each year, the Marché du Film, the world's largest film market at the Cannes Film Festival releases a free report called Focus. The report details trends from the previous year in world film sales and distribution.

Interview: Script Pimp's Chadwick Clough on Producing 'Rogues Gallery'

By Cindy Rinaldi, posted 27 July 2009

With a passion for independent voices, Chadwick Clough recently produced "The Living Wake," a dark comedy about a man who, expecting to die soon, invites others to his wake where he plans to give a short performance before dropping dead on the spot. Scripted by and starring Mike O'Connell and directed by Sol Tryon, "Living" found smashing critical success winning awards at the Austin Film, Woodstock, CineVegas International and Big Apple Film Festivals. Currently, Clough is producing "Rogues Gallery," an action-comedy about a battle that ensues among groups of government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated. Penned by Brian Watanabe and directed by Fouad Mikati, the movie features Rob Cordrry, Ving Rhames and Ellen Barkin.

Reinvent a 1980s TV Commercial for Riunite and Win $10,000

By Benjamin Craig, posted 26 July 2009

In these uncertain economic times many companies have decided to ditch their expensive advertising agencies in favour of throwing out an open call to independent filmmakers to have a shot at producing a commercial for their product or service. While there have been distant murmurings of exploitation amongst the "glass half-empty crowd", these competitions can be a great way to demonstrate talent, hone skills, and have a bit of fun... particularly when there are generous prizes on offer.

Keep the script bank full: Watch out for the No-Man's Land!

By Amey Nadkarni, posted 4 June 2009

Every filmmaker considers all his own films as supremely important but the first one is extra special. It is even beyond the preciousness that a first salary or the first child or the first kiss etc commands because unlike all of the above which we think off only after a certain stage and that too on and off, the first film is something that a filmmaker thinks off from the moment he realizes that he is a filmmaker. In fact I am not sure whether it is the film maker who thinks of the first film or the thought of the first film makes an individual - a filmmaker.

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