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Top 5 Film & Video Production Career Opportunities

By Collins College, posted 5 March 2010

Ever wonder which career opportunities you could pursue with a film and video production degree? Finding a job with great benefits and ideal growth opportunities is important to most people who get a degree in Film & Video Production. Here are five of the top career choices for film and video production professionals.

Tech vs Oldies Competition - Make a Mini-Doc and Win $10,000

By Alan Meier, posted 5 March 2010

The LFMP 'Video meets Baby Boomers' is looking for some talented filmmakers to document how people 50+ interact with technology. So grab your video camera and make a short documentary featuring yourself, family members, teachers or other acquaintances. Is there a generation gap going on with technology? What is the difference between how boomers use technology versus how teens and twenty-somethings use it? Your film could be funny or scientific, but if it's entertaining and insightful with a unique POV you could walk away with $10,000.

The Heart and Soul of Great Dialogue

By Film Slate Magazine, posted 18 February 2010

The main sticking point with dialogue in a screenplay, and something that tortures most beginning writers is how to make the words sound believable, even realistic, without sounding forced or too perfect. It's a fine line to walk between what real world speech sounds like as opposed to what movie dialogue sounds like, and how to blend the two.

100 Prints launches new resource for British indie filmmakers

By Benjamin Craig, posted 10 February 2010

100 Prints is a new resource site for British independent filmmakers (although much of the content is probably relevant to filmmakers outside of the UK as well). The objective of the site is to help develop better business practice for filmmakers, which in itself isn't a USP for the site. But 100 Prints' approach is. To achieve this aim, the site sources case studies and does interviews with other independent filmmakers, to discuss how they have achieved success.

Show Me The Money - European Audiovisual Observatory Cannes Workshop

By Benjamin Craig, posted 2 December 2009

The European Audiovisual Observatory was looking after the cash at the Cannes film market this year with its SHOW ME THE MONEY workshop which took place on Sunday 17 May 2009.

Millions of film makers can be heard over the Internet but who is listening to them?

By Alex Sutcliffe, posted 19 November 2009

The unprecedented power of the Internet is threatening to bring down traditional barriers in the most closed industry in the world - the film industry.

Win a Free Production Kit with EDIUS

By Benjamin Craig, posted 12 November 2009

Grass Valley, the manufacturer of broadcast and production equipment, is hosting a contest giving video editors a chance to win thousands of dollars in production gear. Grass Valley, in association with Zoom In Online, presents "Cut and Win," in which contestants cut a 60‐second or less commercial spot promoting Grass Valley's nonlinear editing program, EDIUS.

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