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Review: Directing Motion Tour with Vincent Laforet Bundle

By Benjamin Craig, posted 27 January 2016

Filmmaker education has been a cottage industry for many years. There are a plethora of books on the subject and thousands of film schools around the world offering training in every aspect of the craft. But forging a career as a filmmaker is an individual path - no two people share the same route in. And while film school and film literature will be right for some, there's also plenty of room for self-guided education using material from experts.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens VFX Reel

By Benjamin Craig, posted 14 January 2016

The VFX reel shows a range of shots from the film and provides great insight into the blend of practical and digital effects the make up many of the sequences in the film. Needless to say... SPOILERS!

Just When You Thought They Were Out... Kodak Launches Super 8 Revival

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 January 2016

Kodak is probably the largest victim of the digital media revolution, famously missing the boat as the world shifted from an analogue film world (which Kodak dominated) to one made of CCDs and pixels.

Tarantino and Team Talk About Shooting for 70mm on The Hateful Eight

By Benjamin Craig, posted 27 November 2015

In this featurette for the release of the film, Quentin Tarantino and others talk about the experience of shooting on 65mm and using the now rare Ultra Panavision aspect ratio.

Birdman and the Secret of 'Continuous' Takes

By Benjamin Craig, posted 23 October 2015

The Film Theorists take a look at how Alejandro González Iñárritu's Oscar-winner Birdman achieves the feel of being shot in one continuous take (when it wasn't).

Script Rewrites: The Good, The Bad, and The Convoluted

By Zachary Evans, posted 12 October 2015

Screenplays are the all-important bedrock for any movie. Great filmmakers may be able to make improvements on the script during production, but it is difficult to overcome a weak foundation. Scripts, like all types of writing, are rarely, if ever, perfect on their first go, however. This is where rewrites come in.

Manage Collaboration During Post More Effectively with Everytime

By Benjamin Craig, posted 8 September 2015

Anyone who's worked on a creative project knows that one of the hardest things is managing the review and feedback process, particularly when you can't always get everyone in the same room. Feedback and direction in emails or on the phone only goes so far. As always, it's way more effective to be able to show someone what you mean. The is where Everytime comes in - a new way to work collaboratively on creative projects. Check out the video:

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