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The Hollywood Reporter 2011 Film School Rankings

By Benjamin Craig, posted 28 July 2011

Industry trade rag, The Hollywood Reporter, has published what sounds like it might be an annual list raking the 25 Best Film Schools in the world.

Competition: Want to Make a Music Video for Queen?

By Kirsty Cooper, posted 18 July 2011

The 40th anniversary celebrations continue for legendary rock band Queen as they invite talented videographers and film makers to create an original music video for their 1977 classic track "Sheer Heart Attack".

Film London's Market Place Live: From Inception to Exhibition in 90 Minutes

By Benjamin Craig, posted 14 July 2011

Delivered by Film London and Film Export UK, the Market Place scheme is aimed at providing people starting out in the industry with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to establish a successful career in film sales - be it in acquisitions, business affairs, publicity and marketing, or sales.

Six Key Areas in Which Film Festivals Need To Up Their Game

By Benjamin Craig, posted 5 July 2011

Today there are many thousand film festivals run across the globe every year, providing almost limitless opportunities for filmmakers to get their work in front of an audience, and in some cases (particularly where a film is good), offering one of the shortest possible paths to a filmmaking career... once you get through the submissions process.

EPIC and the change in RED from Consumer pricing to Professional Pricing

By Charles Haine, posted 30 June 2011

The RED Epic-M, originally announced to be $40K, is now up to $58K. Addmittedly, it does more than the RED ONE, which cost only $17K, but does it do 3 1/2 times more? And also, don't camera's always come out every few years that do more and stay the same price? For instance, a top of the line Canon DSLR from right now costs about what a top of the line Canon DSLR did when the RED ONE came out 4 years ago, but does way more for that same price. Camera's are fancy computers, and computers keep getting both better and cheaper.

So You Want to Make a Movie: Team Work

By Mehka King, posted 24 June 2011

After deciding to do "In the mixx: Dj's doing the work" one of the first things I had to remove from my mind was the thought that I could do everything on my own. I always felt like I had a very diverse skill set. My background is in journalism and have written everything from stories to scripts. I've run my own business for 4 years and I feel comfortable handling things on my own. Having multiple skills is great, but at some point you have to realize that one person can't hold down every job. Especially when you're talking about producing and filming a movie.

High School Filmmakers Tear Down Walls

By Bruce Kasanoff, posted 22 June 2011

Almost three years ago, our son came home from a summer filmmaking program and wrote a script for a musical video he called "School for Boy." He was 14.

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